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A realm of deep history and hidden mystery

Kelara is, like many other fantasy worlds, a realm of magic; of heroes and villains; of fantastic creatures and mystical beings; of great wars and even greater legends; of gods, demigods, and all manner of beings that press to the edge, and sometimes even beyond the imagination.

Kelara is a world made up of six major continental landmasses: Eugios, Drokea, Plesoa, Idumela, Haukoa, and Krizzoberon. Of course, this is not the full extent of land, and a number of islands and smaller locations were scattered throughout the oceans when the gods began building the world.

A world currently in an epoch known as the great peace, the nations of Kelara may not have forgotten the aeons of the past, but the lessons learned are beginning to fade. Certain factions across the world have spent centuries keeping the great beings of the past at bay, but as generations pass and the world becomes more complacent, does it also become more dangerous?

Cadence - Tiefling Bard | Kelara 5e Campaign Setting

Kelara is a land in which the gates to the planes outside the material have been locked for generations. Even the gods hold little sway in the world any more, as their churches and temples conduct their work on their behalf, relatively unimpeded.

The current age, The Great Peace speaks not of a world without war or conflict, but rather is the remnant reminder of an age previous where great supernatural beings inhabited the world, enslaving the mortal races, warring against one another, and using the material realm as their own private battleground. Those wars have since been mostly forgotten, disappearing to the annals of history, then the tomes of legend, and finally to ancient mythology known only to the highest of academics and religious scholars. To the every day individual, those terrible times have been lost.

This campaign setting is built as an expansive world to explore within the Fifth Edition framework. Visit the great cities, make powerful friends and even more powerful enemies, and all the while, think nothing of the possibility that life may not always be as peaceful as you currently expect it to be.

Kelara will provide a detailed campaign setting and accompanying adventures to guide you through your exploration of the world. Or simply explore it at your own pace, with your own homebrew adventures. Either way, you will find there is much to discover.

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